SMLTalk With: Pat Donfro

Before we go into this, I really have no idea what Shape Deuce to share?

Me and my buddy John used to run a company called Shape Skateboards. The first video was “The Shape Video”... Then came the second, "Shape 2"… Nah, Shape Deuce. At this point it’s more of just a crew.

Alright Donny, with that out of the way let’s start at the beginning. When/How did Shape Deuce start and who made up the original crew?

Shape Deuce came out almost five years ago. We just had all this footage on a computer and were like, I guess lets make another video? The crew is and was heavy. The people with parts were John Coyne, Bachinsky, Mantiago, Brad Miller, Matt Fenell, Dyllon Horne, Jay and Justin Clement, Kruper, Shane Perry, Joey Ragali, Cromer, Serge, Nicky Lamarche, and not to mention just all the homies with clips.

What role did you play specifically in the making of these videos? How much did you film/edit yourself?

I hardly filmed anything in Shape Deuce besides second angles. I just was the one that brought it all together and had it happen. I did most of the editing with help from my buddy Mac who filmed a lot of it.

What was the vibe like when you guys were first starting to film for these? Was it everyone donating footage separately or was everyone skating/filming together?

Everyone was filming together. Those were the golden days. It was great. We had a couple friends that filmed so on any given day there was usually someone, so it worked great. We stacked footage pretty quick.

The videos always struck me as local Massachusetts videos, but there is a pretty varied mix of dudes who have clips/parts. How did dudes like Cromer and Ragali become affiliated?

Remember myspace? Pretty sure it was Dave and Manny who met Joey and Brad on that and went and stayed with them one winter to skate and then the following summer when it was hot as hell down there they came up north to stay with us. It sort of became an every year ritual for a while. We just all become friends.

What was the gnarliest thing you filmed/witnessed live?

There was this 16 stair rail in Carlisle, MA. Big. Crappy downhill landing and a curb you gotta ride of. Brad Miller back 50-50ed it like a champ. That always sticks out to me.

Lowell, MA seems to produce some of the most productive skateboarders video-wise. What is it about that scene that motivates people to film so much?

I wouldn’t say I was the type of kid to always jump on handrails but if you ended up on a session everyday and all your friends were skating them… It just sort of happened too. It’s just everyone pushing each other.

Did you feel like Lowell was lacking a presence in the greater skate world? What were the videos that inspired Shape?

You gotta be the cream of the crop to make it in the skate world outside of Massachusetts without leaving Massachusetts, so yeah I’d agree. As far as what inspired us, it’s probably pretty obvious… The Baker videos.

How established were Manny and Dave at the time of the first video? Was there a feeling that this could be their breakout into the industry or was it just something they wanted to be apart with their friends?

I sold close to 1,000 DVDs hardly trying. I never expected that. I don’t think anyone knew how big it was going to be. Manny and Dave both had given me a lot of their good footage but were still saving some for their other projects. Dave was already there, it might have been more on the rise for Manny.

Tell us about what Branny. What can we expect?

Five parts. Serge Murphy, Nicky Lamarche, Sean Hernandez, John Coyne, and Myself.

Coynes part is incredible...and yeah, the rest of the videos pretty great too.

What the hell does “Branny” even mean?

I found a camera when I was staying in Florida. It was a shitty handycam. I used to film all the random shit and 2nd angles with it. This was when Brad Cromer and Manny were both just starting to get big. I always said I was gonna make a video with Brad first part and a Manny ender. Brad + Manny = Branny. That never happened but I still had most of the footage, so you’ll see a lot of that in this. Me and my buddy Nicky Lamarche always just liked the name Branny so I figured we’d call this video Branny.

You have hard copies of Branny available to sell at the premiere and thereafter. Don’t you know skate videos go online these days? Why make a hard copy?

I only made 100 copies. I’ve already sold some pre-orders online, but the real reason I made copies is for everyone involved in it. One day we can all be diggin' in our attics and be like shit… remember this? We used to not change diapers and have car payments.

I want to know why I wasn’t bombarded with hashtags and trailers before this thing came out...why no hype for this new Shape?

Nobody was “filming” for this video. It’s just all the footage we somehow got since Shape Deuce. And some of the footage is from even before it. Was I supposed to have a hashtag and have people hype it up? I must have missed that memo.

How would you say the crew has changed from the first video to this new one? Does everyone still talk/skate together? Have there been any VH1 Behind The Music-esque fall outs?

No fall outs. Everyone still does here and there but people are more busy than they used to be. The golden days are fading away.

Of all the Shape memories, partying/skating/traveling etc., which is your favorite? Give us a good story from the glory days.

Oh man. I miss Kuzmas van. My buddy Kuzma had like a 13 passenger van. He drove it up from Florida, we’d all just cram in and go skate. Didn’t even matter where, just anywhere. Sort of made all of us feel like we were actually doing it, like actually professionals on a trip. I always miss that.

Of all the Shape parts, whose is the stand out and from what video? Which are you most proud of and why?

Matt Fenell and John Coyne split a part. I always liked that because there were random guns and four wheeling in the part. It showed who those dudes really were more than just through their skating,

Is this it for Shape? Are we witnessing the final chapter? Or can we still hope for some more on the horizon?

Oh man, this could be the last of the series. I sort of thought after Shape Deuce that it was all was over and then this happened, so who knows. I wouldn’t be upset making another.

Why don’t you give some advice for some kids thinking about making a video, what would you say to this young generation eager to put their videos all across the internet?

For me, putting out multiple short edits just gets lost and forgotten. I like the idea of working towards something. Something that represents a time in your life. One day I’ll look back on a handful of full length dvds rather than 50 web edits. Just my preference.

Any last words/shout outs?

Thanks to everyone involved and anyone that supports it.


*Special thanks to Donfro for providing the photos and taking the time. Premiere is tonight, info on the flyer above.

SMLTalk with: Brian Delaney

Who did you grow up skating with on Cape Cod? What were some of the spots you skated out there?

When we were kids the crew was Jack Kelly, Devin Woelfel, Dillon Buss, Buck Squibb, Tim Burlingame, Billy Campbell and a bunch of other dudes. There really wasn't much to skate but prefab skateparks and some random schoolyards. My driveway had some pretty heavy sessions.

What is it about the Cape that constantly produces some of the city’s best skateboarders?**

There are a lot of small towns that make up the Cape and they pretty much all had a skatepark. If you got bored at your local park, you could always just go a couple towns over and skate something new. That's how I met a lot of people that I still skate with to this day.The Boarding House Skateshop has always been a big part of keeping skating alive out there, but when it finally comes time to move to the city I think you appreciate it more because there really wasn’t much to skate back home. Most skaters from the Cape dream of living in the city.

Frontside Noseblunt

Frontside Noseblunt

Do you remember the first time you skated Eggs? Who regularly skated it back then?

The first time was in 2007. Tom Mayo took me there. On the way there I was hungry so I asked if there was food at Eggs. He told me there was a omelette station. When I got there I realized he was fucking with me.. But I wasn't mad. I don't think I ended up eating that day, I couldn't get myself to leave the amazing spot. Back then, it was mostly the city people crew running the spot. I remember seeing Jason Jenkins filming for his log clips.

In your opinion, what’s the craziest trick/line ever done at Eggs and why?

Its really hard to say.. Basically every line Gavin has filmed and every trick Dana has done is the best. Also John Wisdom's switch tre noseslide line was fucked..

What is the craziest, non­skateboarding related thing to ever happen at Eggs?

So much crazy shit happens there on a daily basis it's hard to keep track. One time this old dude came through and started handing out 20$ bills for flat ground ollies. He was a creep but fuck it.. he gave out like $200.. pretty chill day.

Could a skatepark ever replace something like Eggs? Or do you see skateparks as a non­solution to a non­problem?

I am really excited for the new park, but I don't think a skatepark could ever duplicate what goes on at Eggs. Skateparks are given to you, Eggs took work. From de­nobbing and bondo­ing cracks, to dealing with cops on a daily basis, it took time and effort to make it what it is today.

Your #eggsreports are all works of genius. Who are your directorial influences? Are any of them ever thought out or are they always spur of the moment?

They are definitely spur of the moment. I just try and post shit that me and my friends would think is funny. I think my favorite video is the one of K.C. riding some girls paddle board in the river. You could never plan that shit.. My influences come from different things.. music, Worldstar, Dimestore, squaa...

One time we skated together out in Southie and you told me you were on a vacation from Eggs. How often are these vacations needed and why are they important?

Once in awhile you just need to make yourself leave Eggs. It's good to get out and skate other shit. I forget how sick downtown is sometimes.



A lot of people from out of town feel vibed out when they go to Eggs. Are there any rules about how to skate/interact with people at Eggs? Have you yourself ever vibed anyone out?

For the most part anyone can skate there. But the spot isn't that big and if you're constantly in the way or have a shitty attitude, someone will call you on it. If it's your first time there and no one talks to you it's not because we are assholes, it's because there are so many new faces there everyday, if we took the time to talk to everyone there wouldn't be time to skate. I'm definitely guilty of vibing whether I like to admit it or not, but fuck...If you don't hold it down, the spot would turn into a zoo. I think it's sick that people are intimidated. It has that EMB feel.

Have you ever vibed your own self out at Eggs, gotten #thefear, and just called it a day?

Once in awhile it's just too hot, there's too many people skating, and you're just too fried...But for the most part I get the fear when I'm not there. Serious FOMO.

Is Eggs the best spot in America? If not, name what you think may be the best.

I would say it's one of the best spots in America, if not the best. Kinda biased though...But since LOVE is still skateable I would have to say that is the best spot besides Eggs. So much history there and all the new Philly dudes kill it.

Have you ever thought about relocating to another city? If you could pack up and leave tomorrow, where would you go?

Thought about New York once but I got the fear last minute...But if I could move anywhere I would move to Montreal. I fuck with Canada.

If you had to give up smoking weed or backside tailslides which would you choose to stop forever?

Probably weed. Anyone can smoke weed, not everyone can skate. Forever IS a long time though...

Frontside Flip

Frontside Flip

Give us your top five backside tailslides in skate history - can be any variation (switch, shuv out, flip out, etc.)

Gino’s battery park line In Chocolate tour, Kenny Anderson across that grate ledge, Nate Jones at 3rd and Army, Tiago Lemos switch back tail gap to ledge at Jkwon, and Brian Anderson on that hubba that Carroll eats shit on in Harsh Barge. Always liked that one.

Name your top three rap albums currently in rotation:

  1. French Montana and Fetty Wap “ coke zoo”
  2. Future and drake “wattba”
  3. Young dolph “16 zips”

Top three favorite styles?

JB Gillet, Zered Bassett, Andrew Mcgraw.

Tell us how you ended up skating for DQM.

They opened a shop in Boston and I got a job working there. That’s how I met the owner Chris Keefe. He saw some of my footage and let me film a welcome part. Really happy to be a part of such a rad company.

How much wax is too much wax?

For the most part there can never be too much wax. To the people saying “just skate faster”, go skate a pole jam or something. Your opinion does not matter to us.

Explain the “Forbidden 14”...When is it ok to skate that section of your board?

14 inches is the length of the middle of the board from truck to truck. Forbidden 14 means that you do not do any lip or board slide tricks. It is definitely a Boston thing. It's more of a joke than an actual way of skating.

To piggy back on that last question, what are the ultimate ledge sins that will make the ledge gods puke? i.e “Thou shalt not nollie 5­0”

The older I get the more I realzie every trick can be sick if it's done well. But the frontside nosegrind to lipslide is definitely an unforgivable combo...just do one or the other you idiot. I see that one a lot at Eggs smh..

What’s the worst skate fashion trend you’ve ever participated in?

Probably tall tees. I would wear 2XL at one point. Definitely kept it G. Maybe too G..

You and Lee Madden collaborated for both your RAW part and your DQM part, tell us a little bit about what it’s like to film with him. Does he pitch you tricks/spots? How do you guys operate as a team to make a clip work?

He's pretty much the only person I really film with. We're just on the same page when it comes to skating. Lee is more into making full length projects rather than random web clips. Sometimes he'll gives me spot ideas and what he thinks I could do there, but it's more about how the skating looks on film than just doing the hardest tricks you can think of. Sometimes I'll be hyped on a trick we got but he won't use it because the lighting was bad or it wasn't filmed to his standard. I don't ever really question him because I know ultimately he is the man with the vision and he knows what looks good and what doesn't. I don't give too much input into the editing process either, I know he'll make something better than I could imagine. Dude is really talented. Thanks for putting up with my shit.

When you go to a spot that isn’t Eggs to film a back tail fakie, you clearly mean business. Tell us about the back tail fakie at Revere’s MGH / Beach ledges. What made you want to try it, or even think it was possible? Is that the longest back tail you’ve ever done?

I skated it a couple years back and I kinda messed around with it, but it didn't really see possible at the time. I kinda forgot about the spot but once Wonderland was built we ended up going back. I tried for awhile one day and failed. I went back a week later just me and Lee and with the help of a lot of wax it worked. Probably the longest I've ever done.

What is the best thing about the Boston skate scene in your opinion?

You don’t have to call anyone to meet up...You just go to Eggs and everyone is there. I don’t think many other cities have that.

*Special thanks to Delaney for taking the time and Liam Annis for providing the photos.

SMLTalk with: "Apple" Tom Atencio


Tom Atencio is a dude who has seen some shit. A skateboard nostalgia fanatic, dripping with knowledge that has built up with over 2 decades of skateboarding under his belt. Basically, Tom encompasses everything we aim to celebrate and unearth from skateboarding's golden, dead past. If you have gone skateboarding in Boston, visited True East (RIP), Orchard, or any of the various local shops that have come and gone in between over the course of the past 15 years or so, chances are you have run into "Apple" Tom Atencio, and been greeted with a friendly smile or handshake. What you may not know however, is that Tom has one of the most insane board collections East of the Mississippi (probably the whole world, but we'll keep it conservative). What you're about to read is a conversation with Tom about this collection, his views on board collecting, and why sentimental outweighs monetary value every time.

*Note: All pictures were taken by Tom himself. These ain't no archival photo sets from the Spring 2001 CCS. Really think about that.

When did you first start collecting skateboards?

I first started collecting boards about 11 years ago when I got my first steady job since graduating from college, but I’ve been obsessed with skateboard decks since ‘87 when I first saw a professional quality skateboard deck. It was a Sims Kevin Staab with a pirate, parrot and treasure on it. The graphic, the colors and the feeling it gave me when I saw it are burned into my memory. Part of the reason why I started skating in the first place and continue to skate almost 30 years later is that I think skateboards themselves are the coolest things ever. When looking in magazines or watching videos growing up, I would always notice the way peoples stuff looked and would gravitate towards a skater if I liked the way his boards and gear looked. Sounds kind of silly, but that’s what always stoked me out about skating. Not necessarily the tricks or the spots, but the skateboards themselves and the gear of the skater. Skateboards are the ultimate toy and just to ride around on one and look down at it and get stoked was/is the best feeling ever to me. When I was growing up, I generally only got new boards twice a year, one for my birthday in August and the other for Christmas, so I had to choose wisely. But I can remember every board I’ve ever gotten for either of those two occasions. I always told myself growing up that when I could afford boards on my own, I'll get a new one whenever I want, but I missed a lot of rad boards that came out during my teenage and college years that I didn't have the means to acquire. A major part of my reason for collecting is getting those boards that I always wanted and also hunting down some favorites that I did have to keep the stoke alive. After 25+ years on the board, you gotta keep that fire burning and collecting boards is a major fuel source for my continued love of skateboarding.


How many boards do you have in your collection?

I have about 100 boards in my collection, but i would like to reduce that number quite a bit. I used to just grab any board that piqued my interest, which is why i have so many. Now, it's more about quality and I've been trading multiple boards for rarer single boards to make the trades even while simultaneously thinning out my collection. There's a lot of rad dudes on instagram trading boards and we've become a close knit community.

What is the oldest board you have in your collection?

The oldest board is a Foundation Ronnie Creager from 93. It's pretty rare and even Ronnie doesn't have one. He and I have been communicating a bit as he'd like to have it in his collection and I'd love a board of his from the 20 Shot Sequence or Trilogy era of bLind, so it'll be win/win.


Favorite board?

Favorite board is the Co-Exist 3 Brian Wenning board. It's not super rare but what it reminds of is priceless. Alien/Habitat/Seek were my favorite companies from 1999-2006 and rode nothing but those brands. In 1999 I had just got my first job since starting college and had some steady income. I went to my local shop, which was 12 Fingers in Hebron, CT and owned by the raddest dude John Biase. Anyway, he had a steady shipment of Alien boards coming through and this is when Pendleton was just coming into his own at Alien. Those graphics looked to sick on the wall and Alien was pretty much an East Coast company at the time, so it felt right to support that brand. The shapes, the stains, the graphics, the team, the ads, the t-shirts, the videos... No one is as rad or ever will be as rad as Alien Workshop was at that time. Don't get me wrong, I was all about Rocco brands in the early through mid 90's, but the cohesiveness of Alien as a whole at that time was undeniable. And Wenning was just that dude and showed us all what plaza skating could look like. He was "it" on a brand that epitomized rad skating so this board will always take me back to those days. It also has the raddest 7.56 shape, super clean screen printed graphic and Wenning rode this board in a lot of his iconic footage from those days. This board is never leaving my possession.


Care to divulge what board’s worth the most? How much is it going for?

Anything that's collectable has a monetary value, but it's only worth what someone is willing to give you for it. I have a blind Lavar McBride board that's pretty rare, Keenan's last pro model, a Guy Mariano from 94 that Mike Carroll is riding on his SOTY Thrasher cover and Josh Kalis's second pro model. All are rare and have huge potential monetary value, but at the end of the day the sentimental value far outweighs any monetary one. That's why I prefer to trade rather than sell/buy. It just feels better.

"I was joking with a friend that I sometimes feel bad for robbing these boards of their intended lives: being shredded out on the streets. My life for them is like a prison sentence!"

Would you ever skate any of the boards in the collection? Some of those shapes are super sick.

I was joking with a friend that I sometimes feel bad for robbing these boards of their intended lives: being shredded out on the streets. My life for them is like a prison sentence! Hahaha. I would like to skate some of them; the late 90's Girl boards have such awesome shapes and are super flat, but I have a feeling that close to 20 year old boards wouldn't hold up too well though.


What board has your favorite shape? Favorite graphic?

Favorite shape would have to be the Wenning Co-Exist 3 or the Guy Ferrariano board, they pretty much have the same shape but the Guy is a lot flatter. I reshape every board that I ride these days and have been doing so for a few years now. I use those two boards as templates when reshaping my boards. My favorite graphics are a toss up between all the boards in the Rocco brands photo. Those graphics are timeless and the legend of Rocco is alive and well in those boards.

What companies are out there today are you psyched on? Do you have a year limit on what can make it in the collection?

As I mentioned, I reshape all the boards i ride. I do that because I feel that current shapes are bland and too similar on each end. I get that most skaters these days are very comfortable skating switch, so a symmetrical shape makes sense, but I prefer boards with a shorter, tapered tail and a long pointy nose. Most boards had some variation of that shape from 93 through about 2007/2008. Then boards started moving towards 8" or wider with a true popsicle stick shape and now I'm suprised to even see a board under 8" anymore. I like 7.625 or 7.75, so I usually have to order one as finding one in person can be a hassle. As far as graphics go, Boulevard has some really awesome series boards that remind me a lot of early Habitat stuff before they turned into a hippy company. And I like what Primitive is doing; they have a lot of cartoon graphics that look like they could have been on an early Rocco brand deck, but their boards have too much concave for me and the shapes are not to my liking.


Is there a board out there you’ve been looking for that you’ve been unable to track down?

I have a few boards that I'd love to have in the collection for sure, but they're so rare I don't get my hopes up too much. They'd be a Blind Lavar McBride board I got in 94, it had his name written in a script across a black background and leapard print on the nose and tail, a Menace Eric Pupecki from 94 that was a mock up of the King Edward cigar logo, a Blind Keenan Milton from 95 that's a hand reaching for a basketball and finally a World Daewon from 97 which has a dolphin in an oval with flowers around Dae's name. There's quite a few more from more recent years, but those 4 stand out.

Shout outs/Thank yous?

I'd like to thank you Rob for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts and collection, my parents for always thinking skateboarding was cool and getting me some rad boards back when I wasn't able to get them for myself, my girlfriend Alex for supporting me and my passion for collecting boards & hanging them all over the house, Matt Gannon for being a great friend and skate buddy when most of my friends have moved away or moved on, Jonah Miller for being the raddest dude on the planet, John Foster for being an inspiration to shred into my 40s and beyond, Evan Collins for being a part of my favorite skate memories and Dan Taylor & Simon Hooper for keeping the trade circle flowing.

SMLTalk with: Tim Savage


Tim Savage is a VX1000 enthusiast, Frankie Nash's roommate, and was once mentioned in the thank you section of Brandon Westgate's Thrasher interview. Hey Tim, what are you wearing right now?

Haha hey man, just jeans and a sweatshirt, pretty casual.

As a Falmouth skatepark OG, tell us something people don’t know about Falmouth Park scene (which could be anything because nobody knows what it is).

Haha good ‘ol Falmouth park! Hmmm well my good homie Sean Michon and his brother Kevin Michon opened up a local skate shop about 5 years back on Main St in Falmouth called “headway”. It was some of the raddest times ever and all the local rippers would just come in and hang out all day and just kick it. Sean and Kevin really put 100% into the shop and it’s quite inspiring to be honest. Dudes just opened up a small business right out of high school! It was open for a year or so before they decided to close down because they both had plans to move away from Falmouth. I’ll never forget that place though and it goes to show you that you can do anything if you just put your mind to it!

tim filming 2

When did you first get into filming? What was your first set up?

I’ve always really enjoyed video cameras growing up and took some basic film classes in High school, which increased my interest. One day I was skating this spot in Kingston and this dude we were shredding with just happened to have a vx1000 that he was trying to sell. I immediately just offered to buy it and like 2 days later we finalized the deal. That was about 5 years ago and I couldn’t be happier about that decision.

I remember when I first met you it seemed like you and Sean Michon were the team. You on the VX and Michon with the photos. How’d that come about?

Sean and I went to High school together so we just naturally became friends through school and being some of the only skaters in the area. Sean started taking flicks a few years before I got into filming but once I got my VX we just kept going out and skating and getting missions going. He has a great eye for skating and it was just good times every time we skated.

It’s no secret how you feel about the VX1000, why is SD so important to you? Would you ever consider HD?

Hahaha well honestly I just think that the VX1000 just makes skating look so raw and powerful. It really is a unique camera and the MK1 lens just seals the deal. I’ve thought about going HD a lot and I prob will get an HD camera eventually, but I’m always going to hold onto my VX1000.


Given your preference for Vx footage, do you even watch all the new HD/GoPro/Sci Fi that’s constantly coming out? What videos are you inspired by?

Hell yea I watch new videos no matter what camera they were filmed with! Some recent videos that I’ve been really stoked on are Static 4 & 5, big fan of the sabotage videos, the RAW video was amazing, sk8rat video was dope, GX1000 of course, I could go on and on…  Anything local is always inspiring.  It’s the best to see people you know kill it!

Are there any filmers who’s style you try to mimic? What filmers are you psyched on.

Hmm well I don’t know if mimic is the right word, but there’s deff filmers who have inspired me to think twice about the way I may film something. Shane Auckland, the dude who runs Sk8rats has always stood out to me as an amazing filmer. Lee Madden also knows how to use his VX like none other. You saw that RAW video, goddamn!


One time I hit you in the face because you were filming so close to me. Sorry about that.

Haha no sweat, happens kind of a lot haha

Who sucks to film with? Who’s fun to film with?

Whoah, ahhh well not just for filming but just negative people in general are always rough to be around. Nothing worse than someone who’s got nothing positive to say or is always down in the dumps. Haha hmm well there’s a lot of people who make filming fun. I guess just anyone who really goes for stuff. Nothing better than going to a spot where you know the person is definitely going to try a trick. Hate traveling far to a spot and no one steps up haha but that’s just how it goes…

I’ve seen you do some jumping yourself… what’s the biggest stairset you’ve ever skated?

Ummm maybe like a 12 or so? Hucking is one of my favorite aspects in skating. Ever since I was younger I’ve always been blown away by people jumping down the gnarliest spots.

tim skating

How bad is it living with Frankie Nash? Give us a good Franksy story.

Hahaha, Frankie's the man! Living with Frankie is rad and he’s always got some crazy spots or missions he wants to venture to.  I can't really think of any story specifically but I can 100% say that ever since I started living with him he has never missed a weekend at the Model. You guys were spot on giving him that award haha!

When you get a crew together to get out and skate, who’s job is it to have spots? The filmer or the skater?

Really depends I guess. Usually if who ever I’m skating with has a spot they wanna go to we just check it out and try and make it work. I’m all about spot finding though and going to new areas to see what lurks, so if I find a spot that needs to be skated I wont hesitate to bring it up to someone who I think could get down.


You’ve just finished putting together promo #2 for Corner Store. What can we expect in tomorrow’s video?

The homies. Jimmy Lake and I really wanted to put something out that tried to incorporate as many of our friends as we could. Like I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing better than watching a video filmed with all your good friends and heads in the scene!

Any word on a full-length for CS?

There’s definitely been talk about that for the plans after this promo. I think Jimmy Lake definitely wants to start working on one but he’s pretty relaxed about it all. We’ll just continue to go out and skate and have fun and see where it goes!


You have your own full length coming out. Tell us a little about that.

Yes. Sooo basically I’m aiming for Fall 2015 to put it out. Between injuries, work, school, conflicting schedules, etc. We’ve been trying to stack as much as we can to really showcase the talents of the skaters I’m working with. It’s called “Gem”, and the line up is Nick Govatsos, Jordan Rodrigues, Pedro DeOliveira, Nick Rudzinski, Frankie Nash, Jimmy Lake, Steven Catizone, Serge Murphy and Eric Martinac. Super stoked to be working with all these dudes and I couldn’t be more excited to show everyone what we’ve been doing!

Any advice for people looking to get into the filming game?

Just go for it. It’s not about what you use also, It’s how you use it. Even Iphone edits are legit now a days haha

Shout outs/ thank you?

Everyone whose down for skating and good times!  Oh, and of course SMLTalk  =*

SMLTalk with: Brandon Westgate


Brandon Westgate is one of the best skateboarders on the planet. He owns his own farm in Carver and has actually won SOTY two years in a row, they just keep giving his trophy to other people for some reason. He's a nice dude. Did I mention he's one of the best skateboarders on the planet?

First question, can you dunk a basketball?


Wow, we were not prepared for that response.

(*scraps list of basketball questions*)

Okay. So, you’re currently living down in Carver. What’s life like for you on a daily basis there? Do you skate that much in Carver?

It's pretty mellow in the summer, I would do some work around the farm in the morning, then go skating later in the day. Now the weather sucks so I'm heading out west.

Have you ever found a body in the cranberry bog?

No, and I hope I never do.

westgate bog

Alright, we need the inside scoop here. How did Anthony Shetler get involved with Shake Shack? It’s a dream sponsor of mine, so I’m fascinated/jealous at how the AIN Crew has pulled this a follow up, are you a shake shack fan - if so, shackburger, smokeshack, or shroom burger?

Anthony knows someone on the inside that's super cool. Yeah I love shake shack it's the best, shroom burger all day.

So you’re originally from Wareham, Massachusetts. Was there much to skate there or did you travel around the South Shore for spots/parks? What about Boston? Seems like the first time I heard of you, you were skating in NYC a lot.

There's nothing to skate in Wareham. We did have a little indoor skatepark that I skated everyday, it was the best. I didn't have my license when I got hooked up with 5boro so it was hard to get around. I would have my parents drop me off at the bus station and take the bus to NYC and shred with those guys every weekend.

You seem on an island with your skating: not too concerned with trick trends/stair counts/etc. Do you keep up with skating regularly? What’s the best internet comment you’ve read about yourself?

Ya I check Thrasher, The Skateboard Mag, The Berrics, Hella Clips...I don't check everyday but  whenever I feel like watching something...I don't really check comments, you never know what people are gonna say.


Favorite VHS era video?


Does shameless self-promotion help or hurt the cause and will conveniently timed end-of-the-year video parts continue to rob you of the award you so justly deserve?

I don't know anything about how others self promote, I try and stay away from all that and just skate and film parts. For me that's what skating has always been about, filming and making parts, I just like to do that. If it works out and I win I'd be stoked for sure. The parts for that are all so good and everyone that's won so far I think has deserved it. I'm just stoked to be in the running.



As we bring this to a close, I just want to make sure you fully understand how many hearts you broke when you boardslid up the JP rail. I was literally looking to boardslide down it the other day. Now what? Now. What.

Haha I've been looking at that every since I first went there years ago.

Tell us a little bit about what you’re doing with your family’s business. Is this something you could see yourself doing full-time when skateboarding has run it’s course?

I basically bought a home with 7.5 acres of cranberry bogs. My families never actually owned any of our own. My Dad helps me so much, I couldn't do it without his help or knowledge. I love to do that kind of work and learning everything. I would love to take over the cranberry industry when I can't skate anymore.


Shout outs/Thank you’s?

Thank you to my wife, family, Zoo, Emerica, Venture, Ricta, Bones Bearings, Dakine Bags, and Skaters Edge.

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Photos: Rob Collins

Interview: Rojo, Dave Lewis, Evan Oppedisano

(special thanks to Tim Savage, as well)