VHS Review Volume X: Sight Unseen


WELCOME to the tenth VHS review. 

Today we'll be covering non other than quite possibly the greatest Transworld video of all time, Sight Unseen. Look at that lineup. Cardiel, Henry Sanchez, Tosh, Dustin, and Heath. Heavy. Well - we might as well get right into it. 


The intro is pretty standard for Transworlds at this time. Just your typical Dave Swift quick cut intro bullshit, gotta love it. 


Alright - let's be honest, this is the takeaway part from the video. Gonz opens it up with the voiceover intro, and perhaps one of the most memorable quotes all time:

"He's a ripper, an original ripper, he's an original Coors"

I actually really like the way that the intros were done here, with the location, a little lifestyle, and a few kind words. It really brings it all home and gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling. Or maybe I'm just a giant pussy. 


It's funny watching this part now in an age when concrete transition skating is so common. But yet this still holds up. Why? Well - it's because Cardiel wants it more. My favorite thing about this dude is that even when he runs out of speed he puts in extra to get it back just to get ONE MORE trick in, for seemingly no reason other than the simple notion of getting one more trick in. He's not showing off, he just actually likes skating enough to want to get one more in when for the rest of us we'd just let it go. Man this part goes by way too fast.

Obvious notable items:

  • slam trying to pump the bank before the smith
  • union square rail 50
  • clipper bluntslide
  • insane reggae song (sizzla - haunted & nervous)

Oh yeah and definitely one of the top 10 most beautiful clips in a skate video.




Alright so next up is the vert montage. Now I want to take a moment here and outright blame Transworld videos for vert's lack of popularity during this time. Have you watched this section? No, of course you haven't. It's absolutely the most boring *let's put this in here so that people have time to talk about Cardiel's part / take a piss* section in history. It's actually unwatchable, and to all the vert guys in this section - I personally apologize. 


Henry Sanchez. 

Man - this part. Whew. To be honest when I first saw this I wasn't super psyched on this section. Maybe it's because at that point I didn't really know who Henry Sanchez was. I actually think I knew who Marcus was more at this point. Anyway, let's dig into it. 


For this part Marcus McBride gives the voice over intro. Would've rather it been Lavar but that's neither here nor there. The voice over is touching, and gives the old "don't call it a comeback" sort of vibe. Marcus' clips in this are fucking sick - so make sure to rewatch those, but damn the lines that Henry puts together are absolutely nuts. ALSO - please take note of the Manteca's, this might be the most Manteca part ever. One of my favorite clips in this is the manual varial heel out line (?) where after he lands the varial heel out the filmer for some reason keeps going as he pushes and turns around. I back it. 



So then we basically get a Marcus mini section where he absolutely fucks up the Pier 7 ledges skating them the way he always does - straight over. The nollie back heel is MWAH, and comes right before Henry's absolutely fucked ender. Fakie heel fakie manny. Jeeze. 



So then we get a no-so-painful montage with a bunch of Ray Barbee and Tommy G which is actually really nice. Almost makes up for the unbearable vert section that came prior. Ray doing no comply's years before they started #trending puts a smile on everybody's face.

Tosh Townend.

Man - when you're a kid watching this it's hard not to hate Tosh and just disregard his skating, but looking back at it, the kid was a fuckin' G. Sure, maybe he didn't really have a personality and seemed like the stoner, surfer high school dropout that got every chick he wanted that you could never get, but that's no reason to hate him. What? I'm just jealous? What are you talking about?


Anyway - Tosh doesn't get a voice over intro. In fact - nobody else gets a voice over intro from here on out. Kind of weird, but we're going to look over this inconsistency as to not embarrass those involved. Actually - if we can get some sort of answer as to what happened here that would be great. 

J Mascis on the soundtrack fits perfectly, even though he probably didn't even know who J Mascis was...

HES WEARING THE EMERICA MJ'S FOLKS. Ugh my heart is actually breaking during this part. He has a skatepark line which I love. The thing I love about Tosh is that he wasn't afraid to get absolutely annihilated on a rail and then go back for it. Great part, nose manny nollie flip is classic. 


Another montage. Is there a montage after every part? (answer, pretty much yes) This one is to the Shins, pre-Shins popularity, maybe Dave Swift had just seen Garden State, who knows. Not even sure if the timeline is right on that. All I know is that BA has some clips in this section which makes it WELL worth the watch. WAIT HOLD ON - a couple things here. Cairo has a clip, DUH.

Real question: Has there ever been a montage in a skate video that Cairo Foster has not had a clip in?

...just something to think about.

Other things to keep an eye out for in this section - Bob's insane kickflip indy, and DILL'S SECTION. Why is he grinding a hubba? Oh yeah, because this is gnar-Dill, a very rare and forgotten form. And then Alf gets the fucking ender - you're damn right. 

Speaking of Alf - did everybody see that clip of him that Lucas Puig posted on instagram? Insane. 


Ok so when this was being filmed in 2000 Dustin was about 20, which would put him at about 35 in Dollin years. 

He still looks sort of like a kid, but definitely well on the way to the belligerent drunk that we all know and love . Keep an eye out for the Baker boys section with Bryan Herman, Evan Hernandez, etc. Pretty standard insanely reckless Dustin part with three mainly notable items:

  • kickflip front blunt 
  • crook down the steepest rail on the planet
  • koston and scoochy BGPs in the ender


Quick weird little rollerblade guy thing, then our long awaited last part.

Heath Kirchart. 

My goodness. I'm going to stop and watch this real quick, then I'll continue on the second viewing. 


Man - first off, who ever knew that one of the best parts in skate history would be to a song by your dad's favorite band. This part is so damn good, and the song honestly fucking rules. The intro is perfect, very ominous, no shots of Heath himself of course, but somehow before his name even pops up, you just know. 

Man - every time Heath rides away it looks like he's going to go punch somebody in the face. You know, the magic with Heath is that nothing is too complicated, yet the way he does things is absolutely inconceivable. Let me reiterate. 

You can't fake Heath's style. 


You can fake Sean Pablo's style, or Lucas' style (I'm talking to you Miles) and probably the style of most other skaters if you really wanted to, but there is something so genuinely unique about the way he chooses and does tricks that makes it impossible to duplicate. I mean - you can see it. Look how he rides away from his front tails to regular, the leg curled, toe pointed. Or how he lands fakie. Also perhaps the quickest flick ever. Damn. This part is powerful. Am I crying? Why am I crying?

Anyway - credits, the end. I need a tissue.